Ancient Egypt

The mystery of Egypt is its heart - life source of a culture that survived for 3500 years, upholding a civilization of such deep meaning, magnificent complexity, forward looking philosopy and soul-astounding art. It is not the politics and intrigue of Egypt but the fact that something whole and meaningful must have underlain their day-to-day activity that we do not have today. Was it simply belief? Or was there an understanding of life such that the whole populace stood behind their Sacred Teachings.

The great Western cultures since have referenced Egypt as a primary source of philosophy and spirituality. Our own culture would not exist as it does to day today if not for Egypt, from our grave ceremonies to our aspiration for life after death. My own jewelry reflects the style of Egypt with its broad collars and bold cuffs, which are having a recurrence in modern fashion.

I am only an amateur at Egyptology, and these interpretations, both verbal and visual, are my own. In making these pieces of artwork, I have tried to understand and portray some of the Sacred principles of Egypt - principles that span time and space. Even my logo is a combination of the Egyptian heiroglyphs for "gold" and "to test" - a visual referring to my jewelry making as a test of my own mettle.

My favorite Egyptian  sources: