Artist's Biography

I was born in Graniteville, South Carolina, and grew up playing and exploring in the sand hills and piney woods there. My favorite childhood occupation was making things with the natural elements around me. I became involved in all the craft events available to me through summer camp and Girl Scouts, but in my small mill town, there were no art classes. Encouraged by my teachers, I began to draw and paint on my own. I wrote for the school newspaper and became editor and designer of the yearbook my senior year.

After graduating, I attended Winthrop College where I received a B.A. in English and Fine Arts, with Honors Program in both subjects. The theme for my Senior Honors class was “The Self.” I explored the self-portrait by drawing myself. I used drawing, painting and sculpture to explore the self-portrait in duality (the true and the false self), and in triadic roles (woman as mother, sister, daughter.) I also wrote a paper on Van Gogh and the self-portrait.

After a short stint teaching high school English, I moved west where I studied graphic design at the University of Utah and began a lengthy and rewarding career in advertising art and production.

By 1980 I was principal of my own agency in New Mexico, designing award-winning advertisements and publications. My favorite advertisements incorporated visuals and often my own drawings. I designed a number of logos that are still in use after 25 years.

After ten years of successful advertising agency practice, I shifted to print production, magazine design and editing, eventually returning to an older love, writing. I took the full course of creative writing at the University of New Mexico, while working as a graphic designer on campus, and wrote an as yet unpublished novel and numerous short stories.

Throughout my life, I have engaged happily in many arts and crafts: drawing with graphite, ink, and colored pencils; painting, sculpture, linoleum cuts and printmaking; crochet, macramé, metal stamped jewelry and silver repousse. One of my recent projects was a series of scratchboard pieces on some principles of Egyptian Sacred Science.

Curiously, it wasn’t until after I moved to Colorado in 1999 that I found beading. I taught myself from books and magazines and quickly took up the techniques. Very soon, I began to teach, to design my own pieces, and to show and sell my work.

I have had numerous design projects published in beading magazines. I am most excited about my books: Cube Bead Stitching, Contemporary Cube Bead Designs and Stitching with Two-Hole Beads. The first two are the result of a passionate creative period working with cube beads. In 2013 I became interested in the many new two-hole beads. Stitching with Two-Hole Beads is available from Kalmbach Books or other major book dealers.

In 2007, a friend and I co-founded the Art Jewelers Guild in the Grand Junction area. The Guild involves networking with our peers, mentoring beginners in many different jewelry-making techniques, and expanding opportunities for jewelry-makers of many different skills to show and sell in the area. The group is still growing and is providing opportunities for many beaders.

My own work is flourishing. I am currently selling in several regional galleries. I continue to explore new techniques and discover new ways to use the stitches I know. Most recently, I have expanded into bead embroidery, which gives me much greater creative range. My designs are still exciting to me and are becoming more interesting and intricate.