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After a rewarding career in

Artist's Statement

My work has been called both ethnic and designerly. I cannot help but be rooted in my graphic design background, but I rarely design a piece completely before setting to work. I love the organic quality of the creative process, with its risk of failure, challenge of decision, and most of all the surprising reward of beauty emerging in my hand.

Texture, pattern and color are the medium of my work. All three of these elements excite me to design.

As a jewelry maker, I work with proportion, fit and drape as well as artistic elements. I enjoy the challenge of a functional piece of art, and I prefer to make a piece that is truly wearable. I like my work to be worn on a body somewhere and not locked away in a case.

The work I do embodies my attention, focus, understanding, ethic, vision and creativity. What a fulfilling and rewarding way to spend my time! The result is what you see in my gallery.

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